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What's Your Why?


We want to alter the landscape of the radiologic sciences profession by transforming all radiographers into competent, caring, life-saving professionals.


We will create authentic learning environments by using a blended learning model to promote self-directed learning which will empower them in their decision making.


We produce graduates that impact the profession by giving them the tools they need to decipher and recognize their valuable place in healthcare.


As someone who has undergone a huge organizational shift, the words of Kotter (2011) were not lost on me as he discussed that the hearts and minds must be engaged to change behavior. Passion produces results but the passion and buy-in to the why must be from the top down. He also spoke of creating a sense of urgency (2013) and decreasing complacency. Some stakeholders don't appreciate the sense of urgency and the demand for excellence specifically if you are producing healthcare workers that have potentially life-ending/life-saving abilities. As educators we must convince them of the value. There is no acceptable margin of error when the outcome of not understanding the why could mean lives are lost. We must give our learners the new tools that they need immediately if we do not want our outcomes affected in a dire way there is no greater urgency than life or death. Complacency also has no place in a situation that requires life or death decision making. The learners in the radiologic science program are constantly responsible for turning over life-giving information, if they fail on their side, then the impact can mean lives are lost. Relaying the why, how, what, and the sense of urgency with no room for complacency is vital in the organization for every educator that is responsible for producing healthcare graduates that will make life/death decisions for patients.


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