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What in the ePortfolio!?!

Ok, I admit it, I had no clear understanding of the purpose of this ePortfolio concept. How is this any different from just having a receptacle for your work? As a Gen X'er, our parents didn't save our work or pretend that our work was worth saving so the concept was new even on the most basic level. I couldn't quite wrap my head around keeping anything past the grade being posted. As a parent now, I have large folders full of the artwork and assignments of both of my sons and if I want to waste an extra 6 hours, I can rummage through their stuff and see the growth that happened as the years went by. I have no idea where to store all that stuff so now I think my parents might of had the right idea. This was absolutely my initial thought in finding out I would need to create an ePortfolio. Just a receptacle of what would soon be useless information but good for a walk down memory lane.

As I have discovered, mainly from exploring previous students ePortfolios and Dr. H's magnificent web page that there is much to be appreciated about the value of this concept. Even in the most premature state of using this device I can see the growth in my thought process. Maybe it is because it is my first adventure into authentic learning? Having a location to anchor all the materials that I am using and intend to use is incredibly useful. It keeps all those things that you want to circle back to in a "safe" place. I appreciate since my learning in this program is unique to me and not just a blanket assignment for a grade that everything I am collecting will continue to be useful for me in the years to come. It is hard to imagine anyone else would want to "own" my ePortfolio since it provides the foundation of my own learning.

I am finding myself looking forward to the journey of this creation! Even this blogging crap has become pretty interesting to do.

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