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Watch for Growth Ahead.

I have long believed that I am an effective teacher because I carry so much passion for my profession. I know this mostly because many of my students have told me it was my passion that made them want to learn. If you have read any of my responses in any of these posts you know that I realize that I have never been technology driven in my teaching and that is why I am here. I want to improve that area of both my learning and the education of the students. I believe you can't have change at all without the heart piece. As we have heard Dr. H. say multiple times, "the head won't go where the heart hasn't been". I believe it. I also believe that you have to have a measurable goal for administrators to be willing to change. They can feel your passion but if you don't have any evidence that what you are doing or changing can be effective, it is all for not.

I think the little video will be effective in changing hearts and minds because seeing someone defend or explain their argument visually helps me to feel that passion and be motivated to change better than just reading an argument.

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