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Power of a Growth Mindset

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Embracing the shift.

I hate technology. I have heard many times that different types of programs(technology) are user-friendly and that I would have no problem navigating around and figuring out what I was doing in whatever new program I was being pitched. That statement has a 75% chance of being false for me. Most people that use that statement work under the assumption that all people have a base level of computer skills. I have managed to maneuver around most technology successfully for many years. This statement is quite ironic considering my field is driven my technology. I think this has to do with my fixed-mindset of "I can't do technology". I cannot pinpoint the moment that I lost faith in my ability to understand technology but I do understand there must have been a moment. I also didn't realize that I had what was defined as a fixed-mindset until I was assigned the Carol Dweck book to read. Deciding to undertake this program was a deliberate step into the growth-mindset and away from the fixed-mindset for me, I didn't know that is what I was doing, I just knew that I needed a change. After two short semesters, I understand that the only reason I was so nervous about technology is because I had decided it was so and that I could make a choice to change it.

Teach me! Show me! Instruct me! were all phrases that I used often. Imagine my surprise when the first thing I was told was no. What? How can I do it? How will I know if it is right? You will think (your own thoughts), you make your own choices, you will guide your own learning, and you will collaborate with your peers for understanding. Unfathomable, but it is working! I am now clear that I have to approach technology in the same way that I approach learning. It is all trial and error. You just accept that it won't be easy but it will be worth it.

Dweck, C. S. (2017). Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential. Robinson.

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