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Podcasting, who knew?

I never considered myself a person to do a podcast, especially over adding technology to a course. I am a reformed "fixed mindset, can't understand technology" person. I chose to do a long-form discussion in the style of Dr. Harapniuk after I went back and forth over the requirements of the assignment. Originally, I had enlisted the help of my Program Director and IT specialist to do a long podcast on what my innovation plan was originally and how I wanted to expand it to other areas within the radiography curriculum. It was much longer and more detailed and not the true goal of the assignment. I was a little confused. I had some excellent collaboration with my team members-Sam, Mistee, Robyn, and Tosha about their ideas, I offered to be part of theirs if they needed me but ultimately decided that I was going to present my assignment in this format instead of join their podcast because I felt it was a little different because I teach in Radiologic Science. The intention of the podcast was to give just enough of a hook and an explanation that would inspire other radiography educators to read my publication where I describe the process that I have started and how I have hope to expand blended-learning to the radiography curriculum. I chose to do a power point with voice over. I used images licensed from the Creative Commons. I then exported my power point and uploaded it to YouTube. I fear this may be the most primitive approach but it is still about 100 steps past where I would have done this a year ago. I am continuing to learn and expand my knowledge in technology as I use these tools not only here in the ADL program but in my own radiography blended learning curriculum.

I am again ending this semester with my mind blown in what I am capable of doing.

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