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Making Meaningful Connections.

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I know as we discuss making meaningful connections that we are really asking that in reference to our own learning. If we can connect our material and learning to something that is relevant to us then we are much more likely to connect the dots to lifelong learning. I believe this also applies to the connections we make as educators. Just today, I wished my undergraduate professor happy birthday. She has not been my teacher for 30 years but she continues to inspire me and encourage me as a peer now. At the time that she was my professor, she inspired such passion in me from simply seeing the passion in her. I attribute both my love of the profession and my desire to spark that same interest in my students from her.

I currently teach with two of my former students. Yesterday, one called to ask me how I would handle a student situation. They routinely tell me that I am the voice in their head and have been for many years. I consider this the greatest compliment. How did I get so lucky? It certainly doesn't happen with every student. They have both told me that I most clearly defined my "why" to them and they could see it in everything that I do and say. Simon Sinek talks about "understanding your why" in great depth in a variety of different Ted Talks. I feel very privileged that students will continue to strive for learning if for no other reason than the passion that has been created in them. I believe passion for anything creates what I call "seekers" and what you call autodidacts. Self-learners driven to connect to understanding to interest. It is one big beautiful circle.

Please follow this link to watch Simon Sinek talk about the why

Tedtalks: Simon Sinek--how great leaders Inspire Action. (2010). Start with why -- how great leaders inspire action . Retrieved February 12, 2023.

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