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Innovative Educator?

My first response would be to say I am absolutely not an innovative educator although I hope to be; however, after reading the article, think I have had glimpses of innovation throughout my career. Of course, I hope to change that to be the rule not the exception. I have had great opportunities to create environments of meaningful work but the authentic part is questionable. I have often been happy to exist in a place of good for my students. My methods do work, so why rock the boat? So much inspiration to be found in the work of Lisa Nielson. I am starting to get comfortable being uncomfortable in learning better ways for myself and my students.

I loved Kotter's point on using multiple ways to communicate. I am one of those folks that have to be told many times and many ways to remember. I also have witnessed great ideas stagnate and disappear because the right people didn't hear or understand what the goal was. I have also witnessed not great ideas come to fruition because they were communicated strategically.

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