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Impact of the Growth Mindset

I have a goal of seamlessly adding technology via blended learning opportunities into all my courses. I have been resistant because my program had run pretty well for many years. Why fix it if it isn't broken? I think in this regard, I was working with a fixed mindset. As we have learned these concepts and gained a better understanding, I have learned that in many ways, I straddle the line of fixed and growth in different areas of my life. I certainly think that I have kept myself from achieving my goals by having a fixed mindset about my ability to change. I drug my feet for many years because I didn't want the pressure, or responsibility of having to learn new things. I have been working through the workbook for growth mindset and I can tell I am on the right path. Just watching resources suggested have already given me the courage to keep moving forward. I personally am an affective learner and have to be very engaged to even care to pursue learning. To me, the why is the most important element in all life goals. I think that personalized learning is a skill that the mature learner needs to understand so they can translate learning into their own language. Teachers can not be responsible for doing all the work, understanding yourself and making that translation is key and realizing that if we try to pigeonhole everyone into the same types of learning that someone won't be learning.

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