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How to Succeed in the ADL

It is funny that I have chosen a graduation cap and diploma as a picture for this particular post. Ultimately, obvious success for me will be completing this degree but I have already discovered after taking just two classes that the real success comes in the journey. I started this program because I needed to get comfortable with technology and implementing it in the classroom. If I was going to get a Master's degree then I wanted to complete one that forced me to learn. I should caution "be careful what you wish for"! I already knew learning is uncomfortable, but getting comfortable being uncomfortable is my new favorite thing.

I have learned that the number of resources available to figure out any given thing is absolutely amazing. Google is my friend. I really didn't need a course to teach me the technology which is what I thought I would be doing. What I have really learned is that I can be interested, I can be engaged, and I can teach my students that they can too. I think I can even feel my brain growing every week. The concept of CSLE +COVA in creating authentic learning environments has rewired my thinking. I now try to make every assignment for my students something that they have choice, ownership, and voice in. They are also getting comfortable being uncomfortable. I am not there completely yet. I am still in the process of really understanding what this type of learning can bring to the table. I still get frustrated because I don't just have a box to check or a test to take but even when I am at my peak of frustration, I realize that what I have already done is create something useful that will continue to be useful forever which is not what I would have gotten had I decided to go to another program.

So, the real answer to the question on how to succeed in the ADL program is simply to jump in and engage. So many resources and examples are provided, you just have to be willing to choose to engage in something that matters to you. Choose something that you see needs to be fixed and work toward fixing it. All the answers aren't provided, but you have the ability to collaborate with other educators that have so much depth and breadth of experience that you would have to work to not learn something if you are open to it. Don't give up, don't get offended, try not to get overwhelmed, be open to feedback, evaluate, adjust, stand up and keep moving forward and soon you are moving in the way of progress.

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