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Hands-off my ePortfolio!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I have finally warmed to the relevance of the ePortfolio and how it is useful in my studies. The hardest transition in my mind has been the ownership piece. Who owns this ePortfolio at the end of the day? Andrew Rickard poses the question, "If I am filling it with my assignments that will be graded, then how do I own it exactly?" (2015) Many hours of a deliberate dive into a multitude of previous students ePortfolios in the DLL and ADL program at Lamar, my mind has come around to the realization that each of these ePortfolios are incredibly unique. No two are the same even though many of them have the same assignments. They are formatted completely different, the ideas for development and innovations contain such a breadth and depth that it would be impossible to compare them. I can easily see the COVA (choice, ownership, voice, authenticity) elements in each and every example. Therefore, no idea why anyone would believe that the ownership lies with anyone other than the creator.

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Thibodeaux, T., Harapnuik, D., & Cummings, C. (2019). Student Perceptions of the Influence of Choice, Ownership, and Voice in Learning and the Learning Environment. International Journal Of Teaching And Learning In Higher Education, 31(1), 50-62. q=choice+ownership+and+voice+in+learning &id=EJ1206966.

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