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Contribution to My Learning Community/ CSLE

What's working? The class recordings and the wonderful students that are available to participate, Dr. Grogan's announcements, the LMS, Dr. H's page with prolific examples and the program map, and the way the courses are set up are a master class on "How to Teach Online". What is not working? I chose this picture because it best reflects the challenges, I have had this semester in finding collaborators. My regular group had one member graduating, one member taking the summer off and one member in a different course. I set out to join a new group. This has been the struggle most of this program. Established groups. It feels sort of like being the last kid picked in middle school for a team. I reached out to several people and did not get a response that landed me in any group at all. Now, I did give up after 4 different people and by posting once on the original board asking, so that is on me. I am lucky to work with two different graduates of the Lamar DLL program (Julia Harryman and Regina Cobb) so even though I couldn't offer them feedback on their work, they did offer me feedback on mine. I also made corrections and took suggestions from them since they have successfully completed the program. They will also be the faculty that I have joined forces with for my innovation plan so even though I did not meet the standards for assessment for this course, I did collaborate, and I do realize that collaboration is necessary. I even implemented this same type of assessment for my students. I hope to try again next semester to find a group. I am reaching out more over the break. Either way, definitely the most painful part of the semester.

I did collaborate on the discussion boards as assigned, I missed one deadline for my initial post, but the rest were done promptly, and I responded to several people each time. I read every single post because I do believe there are some very incredibly knowledgeable educators in this program, and I am always fascinated by their takes on the information presented and the great ideas/programs they are already implementing.

I did not come into education in the traditional sense of learning theory since I work in a technical program. It has been eye-opening to say the least. I watched all the recordings because I was teaching a lab during the scheduled class meetings. I read all the required material (multiple times, since my brain is not what it once was) and watched everything posted many times. I still could be better about bringing in other viewpoints from other sources, but I did use APA in citing the works that I did use.

Overall, for only doing 3/5 key contributions and 2/3 supporting contributions, overall, 5/8, I cannot give myself a score higher than 63/100 which is incredibly disappointing considering how hard I worked but I understand that I needed collaborators to get a passing score.

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