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Change is HARD! Re-wiring in process.

Just about the time you get settled into a routine or a comfortable way of doing things then along comes the shake-up. Change is just about the only thing you can count on in life. Some people thrive on change, constantly envision better ways, and can think of great improvements for every scenario. Organizations and educational systems will restructure or reorganize with the change in the political wind. My college has undergone a major transformation since 2020. After 50 years as a community college with seven individual accredited schools, we combined into one college. Just one of the major challenges of this was that multiple colleges had the same programs. The result was bringing all those faculty together to have one program. It started out beautifully, so much cooperation among the groups to get on the same page because it didn't matter if we liked it, it was happening. We also were told that we would be making all our process more student-centered as a result. Who would argue with making the educational experience more student-centered? As we have progressed forward, instead of embracing the changes, there seems to be a great deal of pushback to our old way of doing things. We are grateful for that but the struggle is real. The change to a new way of thinking, even if it is ultimately better, is very hard. We are creatures of habit.

I notice the parallel that is happening as I am adapting to this new environment of CSLE+COVA in learning. I can see that creating significant learning environments translates into engagement of students, becoming more student-centered. I can also see that as I push that my brain wants to fall back into the dormant mode of how I did things before. I want to be better but but completely rewiring your brain is hard. I won't give up.

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