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Can we change behavior?

We really don't have any common sense when it comes to doing what is right for our learners or organizations. We do what is easiest or more traditional even though we have theory and mounds of research to support better ways from a century ago. Grenny(2013) and his associates found a more effective way to influence change. It feels like Dr. Cross's theories fall right in line with what the book is telling us, we must change attitudes by changing behavior and we cannot rely on education or common sense to do it. We have to dedicate ourselves to showing all 6 areas of influence in order for change to occur. When we pick and choose what factors we use because we don't know which one will resonate the best.

My innovation plan doesn't work without buy-in from other program faculty. I want content mastery in my procedures courses for all students by creating a blended learning model that connects the 3 courses together using some kind of technology. This is different than some plans because we are not just trying to get everyone to the minimum level of understanding but instead to a mastery level. Initially, I believed my plan to be very do-able with very little resources. As I have begun to work the process it seems that my other instructors will require different levels of motivation and support to get warmed up to the challenges. They have been burned by half-baked "change" before that fell short and ultimately took effort, energy, and a great deal of time(greatest resource) without result. I'm hoping having all six components defined will keep everyone on track and not discouraged.

Trying to identify the 4 strategies for my program have made me think that possibly I need a different plan. I will continue to sort this out. I am usually good at noticing the obvious. We have students that are accustom to having a portion or even all of their learning online or technology supported so they are well-versed in technology so using technology is obvious. Crucial moments and positive deviants are a little harder to identify so that is why I am scratching my head wondering if my plan is actionable. A culture buster for me in a blended-classroom is just transitioning the tired way of teaching into an interactive, repeatable, engaging learning environment. I'm not positive I am grasping these behaviors like I should be. It needs some work.

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