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Becoming a Now-ist!

Every week I seem to be having a new "A-ha" moment. This is yet another reminder that true learning comes from within. When Joi Ito said "Education is what people do to you, Learning is what we do to ourselves", I almost imploded. I really have learned more in 3 weeks than I have in 20 years about learning. I do believe that my greatest challenge has been and continues to be how do I translate this mindset to my students.

How do I make them autodidacts when I am in the middle of the awakening myself? Am I able to create the necessary learning environment now? I really don't know yet. Clearly, my challenge is becoming the Now-ist.

My environment is very flexible and willing to be innovative. They are willing to experiment, I just have to embrace the potential for failing forward and not worrying if everything is exactly right to start.

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