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4 is the Magic Number

Reading the 4 Disciplines of Execution and watching the videos has me drawing comparisons between this and the Influencer strategy. I think that they do complement one another. I appreciate that both strategies carry some of the same premise.

For 4DX we must-

#1 Focus on our wildly important goal that is within our whirlwind and how we will get there.

The whirlwind is the day to day that is also very important and must be accomplished even if you are focusing on another goal. We shouldn't focus on more than one or two goals at a time so that we don't get lost in the amount of work necessary to accomplish anything.

#2 Establish our lead measures which are the daily actions that will influence our WIG

What you choose to do (lead measures) directly effects what your lag measures record. If you don't establish those lead measures then by the time the results come in for the lag measures it is too late.

#3 Determine how to keep the team engaged by making sure they know the score.

If you don't keep a scoreboard then the team will lose the will to win. If no one is measuring the goal then we tend to forget we have a goal.

#4 Keep all team members accountable.

Weekly report. What did I say I would do, what did I do and what do I do next? Clear work toward the goal established for all to see.

The most difficult discipline for me as someone piloting a change is keeping the team members accountable. I think that is why establishing who your team is and getting the buy-in is so vital. If you don't have power to keep accountability then this is the area where the entire plan falls apart.


Covey, S., McChesney, C., & Huling, J. (2012). The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving your

wildly important goals. Simon and Schuster

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