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Influencing Organizational Change

In every organization there are people that  just seem to have the ability to get things accomplished. Some call it the power of manipulation, some call it the magic of influence.  Many organizations  will make adjustments to their processes and goals but fail to get the buy-in from the individuals that will be implementing the change.  It is important to understand that the ability to change behaviors is backed in research. You must identify the goal for the change first and determine how to measure it and then pinpoint the vital behaviors that will ensure that your goal can be accomplished. In my innovation proposal, my goal is to add a blended-learning element that will unite the three separate radiographic procedures courses together to create an opportunity to master content by adding a technology piece. We will  use a variety of resources to hone their ability to use situational judgement, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication and use experiential learning to master content. The very first step in the process will be to add the blended piece to the courses. We must invite the instructors to collaborate and engage in the process to implement blended learning into the coursework.



Dream Results
What Mountain do we want to climb?

By Fall 2024, all instructors will have implemented a blended-learning model using technology to create both situational judgement and experiential opportunities for self-directed learners to improve their decision making in radiographic procedures courses.

We must change the behavior to affect the attitude, as the attitude will change due to the change in behaviors (Cross, J., 2013). Identifying the vital behaviors that will have the greatest impact on making your change is the next element in developing your influencer strategy. I have identified my vital behaviors.

Vital Behavior #1

Instructors intentionally create  technology based lessons that incorporate situational judgement, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

vital behavior #2

Instructors engage with other programs that have had success using blended-learning techniques.

Vital Behavior #3

Instructors incorporate the created elements of blended-learning as a mandatory part of their coursework.

We always need to identify the key players or the organizational influencers that must be included for implementation and success of your process. Without these influencers embracing your plan and cooperating with the launch, you will be fighting a losing battle. 

Meet The Team


Program Faculty

The change doesn't happen without the buy-in of the instructors that will be responsible at the classroom level although I will be piloting the entire experience. The curriculum committee is also made up by faculty.

Businessman in the Office

Administration for Health and Human Services

Most changes are not possible without the approval and directive from the administrators. 

Group of Engineers

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Any new initiative that involves technology within the courses has to have the blessing of CETL. They  also assist with both the training and implementation.

Measuring Our Success

How will we know if we have achieved our goal? Is the real measure that we have implemented the blended learning model in the classroom or that the students are utilizing it efficiently and the instructors feel it is effective?

We will do quarterly assessments with the instructors and the students. The students will be measured against course progress from other cohorts that did not have the blended-learning format. We will also use these check-ins to address best/worst practices and made adjustments.

Getting Underway

For the best of success, we must engage the all six categories of the influencer strategy as described in Influencer, The New Science of Leading Change (2013). I have created my strategy below.


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