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Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities 

How will the Course Outcomes planning process and 3 Column table influence or impact your innovation plan?

     This process of using the 3 Column Table to define course outcomes in the planning of my course turned out very differently than I expected.  It has always been very important to me that all my students have a genuine desire for both quality work and taking care of patients. I have tried to ingrain that within my coursework since patient care is such a critical element of my profession.  Just as important, I want my learners to personally relate to the material. I already use some of these fundamentals of creating significant learning but I haven't defined them as such.   It is nice to see the human dimension and caring categories as part of the instructional design described by Fink(pg.9), I was very proud of this realization.

     This tool helped me to organize my thoughts and activities into a structure that made more sense while also adding different elements for assessment that would be more conducive to learning and more enjoyable for the student.  I certainly had to evaluate some of my original assessment activities to plan on combining more course content. I discovered the possibility that  the other courses in the radiologic science program could also be folded into this line of thinking instead of the major practice of lecture/test/repeat.  I want to be sure and include activities that are critical, creative and practical. I can see that I will need to go back and expand on my innovation plan to include more learning activities and assessments.  I went back and upped the ante of my BHAG after I worked through the process.  

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)-

Students will understand and competently perform imaging procedures, meeting all evaluation criteria regardless of patient condition by using critical thinking and problem solving. 

Fink, L. D. (2013). Creating significant learning experiences, revised and updated an integrated approach to            designing college courses. Jossey-Bass.

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